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What is a Conscious Business?

In entrepreneurship, we are often good at what we do (such as coaching), but clueless about the business side. We tend to get into business because we love what we do, but we aren’t ready for the work involved in running a business.

When running a business, you deal with issues as they come to you, leaving little time and space to consciously plan what you want to do and decide how to show up in your business. Instead, you have multiple responsibilities, but you are uncertain of what to do first.

How do you approach bookkeeping? How do you balance your schedule? How do you manage your business in general?

As a conscious business, you slow down and create a space to plan what you want to create and how it may differ from what others are creating.

There is an infinite number of ways to create a conscious business, but I want to bring three to your attention right now. These three points will help you assess how conscious your business is currently.

  1. Being present to conditioning

Conditioning comes from our collective consciousness. Slow down and think: Are you running on autopilot and mimicking what everyone else is doing because it has always been that way, or are you creating space to see what you want to create?

Being present to the conditioning brings more awareness into your business and the way you operate it. If you are running on autopilot, you are not taking the time to feel if your actions feel right to you. You’re just pushing through and getting items completed, even if it may not feel right. Once you take the time to tune into your intuition, you’ll begin to notice if things feel right or not.

2. Choosing what you want to create

After taking the time to be present to conditioning (what everyone else is doing), consider: do I want to do what everyone else is doing, or do I want to choose to create something different? When you separate yourself from what everyone else is doing and choose what is in alignment for yourself that is where thought leadership comes in. You’ll be able to create something completely unique to you that is in line with your purpose and unique path.

3. You understand how to contribute to the collective

On a micro level, you are working one-to-one with clients, and you can see how you are impacting this one person’s life. On the other side, many people want to make a significant impact in the world, and it can feel slow working with one person at a time. There is a plethora of marketing that suggests, “Scale your business,” “Do group coaching,” “Do sources” because one-to-one won’t make you a ton of money. That is a piece of being present to conditioning (these suggestions are what others tell you to do). However, once you look at the whole (the “collective”), you’ll recognize on a microlevel that working with individuals, one by one has the potential to make a macro impact because the clients you impact will make their own impacts on their community.

To sum it up, you can operate a conscious business by tuning into your intuition, assessing what everyone else is doing, and seeing what feels right. The way business has been done tends to be masculine in its energy: it pushes more doing, how much can be done, let me check off my to-do list. A more conscious business balances feminine with masculine by determining how your way of being impacts your business.

The energy you show up with impacts the people you work with and all the tasks you complete, from marketing to bookkeeping. So by having more consciousness will give you a greater sense of purpose and allow you to have a more balanced welling.

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