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3 Ways to Create More Flow in Your Business

I've seen a lot of people teaching techniques to "hack" your habits and create more structure to get stuff done at a higher efficiency, and it has really made me think about how we treat our bodies. All of these hacks and habits really make it seem like our bodies are machines and if we just learn how to bypass their natural programming we can optimize their function to outperform any other human.

Your body is not a machine.

As much as I do believe our habits play a big role in how our day unfolds, I also believe that when we are hyper-vigilant about our performance every second of the day we leave no room for flow.

What is flow exactly? Flow is qi, or the life force energy that flows through all living beings. It flows whether you can feel it or not, and whether you believe in it or not. It flows in our breath, in the in-between moments when we pause, and when we bask in creative energy.

Flow is blocked when we get stuck in our left brain, trying to figure out a solution to every little problem. It's tricky to even say it's "blocked" because it's always flowing, we just choose whether or not we flow with it. When you spend time feeling like you're blocking success, or you need to fix your so-called weaknesses, you're not in the flow.

When you're in the flow it feels like things just work out for you. Content creation comes easily, new clients arrive right when you need them, and business just feels easier. Inevitably there will be times when you are in growth, in which case flow can feel like it slows a bit, but you still know it hasn't disappeared.

Here are 3 ways you can create more flow in your business:

  1. Take Breaks

It sounds simple. So simple, it's almost annoying. Creating space in your day for your mind to rest will easily put you back in the flow. Try scheduling 15 minutes between your appointments to literally do nothing. Go for a walk, close your eyes, meditate... choose something that will allow your thinking mind to rest.

2. Nourish Yourself

Again so simple. It's amazing how simple it is to create flow, yet it's actually creating new healthy habits that will benefit you the most. Drink water and EAT. I've been so busy that I've intentionally skipped eating so I could just... get... one... more... email... out. Not smart. Skipping meals and not drinking enough water is a sure-fire way to break your flow.

3. Know Your Limit

I have a cap on how many clients I can see in a day. I know if I take on too many it's going to pull me out of alignment and breaks my flow. I'm very strict about this rule because the cost is too great if I overdo it. The thing about this one is that it's different for everyone, so you can't compare to what your colleagues are doing. Choose what's right for you.

I know it seems simple, but trust me it really is! The hard part is being present with your body and asking yourself what it is you need in each moment. When you pay attention and give your body the care and nourishment it needs, you'll see how easy it can be to stay in the flow!

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