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Website Design and Marketing Cowichan Valley

Branding and Websites for the Purpose-Led Entrepreneur

I support heart-led leaders to step into their greatness and learn how to create impact with their natural strengths and talents. My high-level branding and website design will give you clarity and help you discover how to attract amazing clients by simply being you!

Modern Website Design

No tactics, cold calls, or awkward dancing videos required.

My unique process includes uncovering the stories that led you to this moment and learning how to harness their power to connect with the people who you're meant to serve.

Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to scale, together we can co-create your brand based on your individual needs and the extraordinary business you envision building. 

How I Can Help You

I'm known for creating unique branding and website designs that step outside the box of mainstream thinking. I believe that simple marketing makes it way more enjoyable for you as the creator and for the people who experience it.

Brand Voice

Your brand voice is what someone experiences every time they interact with your business. It's made up of hundreds of micro moments that form the way someone feels.  I'll help you distill your message and offers to create a brand voice that aligns with your vision.


Having a website that reflects your brand will help not only to attract your ideal clients but also convert them into paying customers. I can help by auditing your existing site, or building you an entirely new one.

Visual Branding

The brand experience also includes your visual branding. Incorporating the look and feel of colours, shapes, photography, and fonts will also determine how someone feels when interacting with your business. I can help to create or review your visual branding to ensure it compliments the overall brand feel.


Using The Mindful Marketing Method (see below), I will guide you through creating a plan that enhances what's already working to bring you new clients, and complement it with other tools that align with you and your business. 

The Mindful Marketing Method


We look at what you're selling and how to position your offer with clarity and confidence. 

We also look at what makes you unique and different from others in your industry.


After that, we explore who your offer is for; we'll define a niche rooted in your purpose.

We also talk about your life experiences and how they relate to who you're being called to impact.


Next, we look at where you'll find your ideal clients. We'll explore marketing options both on and offline and I'll open your eyes to the possibilities of where you can market that jive with your way of Being. (ie: I won't make you dance on social media if you don't want to!)


The most important part of the plan is keeping your well-being balanced so that you stay in alignment. I'll be teaching you practices to stay tuned in, including not overwhelming you with a to-do list! We'll explore what to do now to create immediate income, and build a sustainable strategy that will ensure long-term success.



Lastly, we look at why this is important to you. 

We explore your deepest "why", based in your life purpose and how that integrates with your business.

Marble Surface

If you're looking for a mentor who can create a brand that reflects your vision and guides you how to get your voice "out there" in a way that feels authentic to you, I invite you to book a free discovery call. If we're a good match and decide to work together, I'll give you a few places you can get started before we begin our time together.


 Below are some examples of websites and branding that I've had the honour of co-creating.

Mindful Website Design
Mindful Branding
Wix Website Design
Brand Guide
Wix Website Design
Chris Wilkinson Branding
Wix Website Design Chris Wilkinson

Who am I, anyway?

Mountain Biking Website Design
Montessori Website Design Wix
Coaching Website Design with Wix
Counselling Website Design with Wix
Wix Website Design
Wix Website Design Ecommerce
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With almost 20 years of experience in marketing, I've learned that not only can there be a lot of misinformation out there, but also practices that are misaligned to your integrity. 

Once I began seeing why sales and marketing have such a bad reputation, I started questioning how it could be done differently... with more transparency, honesty and inclusion.

It wasn't until I became an entrepreneur that I realized there are a lot of people who are searching for more mindful ways to do business. I teach entrepreneurs how to create a business aligned with your integrity.

Jillian Lawrence

Who Am I, Anyway?

Wix Website Design

Chelsea Skaalrud,

Plant-Based Nutritionist

"Jillian's expertise is the perfect combo to inspire you in the right direction."

What People Are Saying

Angela Cara

Angela Cara,

Somatic Therapist

"Jillian was very skillful at seeing the uniqueness of my personal offering and seeing the connections needed to bring forward the strengths of my niche and the soul of my business."

Jen Scharien Finlotus Website Design

Jen Scharien,

Holistic Financial Coach

"Jillian's approach and passion gave me the confidence I needed to help me get my brand out into the world in a way that is true to me and the business I'm building."

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