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Hey there! I'm Jillian, a Holistic Marketing Coach on the West Coast of Canada.

I've been where you are. Wondering why so many people around me were able to create abundance in their business, while I was feeling burnt out and trapped on the hamster wheel of entrepreneurship.

No matter how  hard I worked, I never seemed to consistently stay ahead. I grew up in a culture that taught me owning a business is hard work, so suck it up, buttercup. 

But all that time my body was softly telling me there was another way. A way that was more aligned for ME. When I started listening to myself and changing how I thought I had to do things, everything fell into place.

I want that for you, too.

I believe it's through sharing our experiences that we encourage other people to see possibility. 


You don't have to do what everyone else is doing in order to create a successful business you love!

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Your specific marketing personality.

Why is this helpful? Think of it like a love language. You have strengths that will support your success, and leaning into those is highly beneficial for you. Just like a love language, you have certain ways that resonate with you to share your gifts with the world. For some it's social media, for others is 1:1 connection, and so on. When you learn which marketing personality best suits you, you can play to your strengths and market in places that feel natural to you.


Where to market based on your personality style.

Your marketing personality type will help determine where you spend your energy. Despite popular belief, social media is not the only place you can market your business. Each personality has several different ways of marketing that compliment your specific way of being.


How to leverage social media based on your marketing personality.

Stop wasting your money buying online courses that promise you 50,000 followers this month. The way social media marketing is being taught works really well if you're an extrovert with a lot of time. This is not everyone. So if you've been doing all the things you've been taught and it's not working for you, I will show you how you can use social media, depending on your personality.

Social media marketing wasn't working for me.

As a marketer, I cannot tell you how much shame I had because of that. Then I realized, I wasn't the problem, many people I was coming across didn't enjoy being on social media either.

That's when I began to study marketing personality types. 

I sit on the edge of being an introvert and extrovert. I'm not naturally a performer and have always hated having the spotlight on me; plus, I'm a recovering perfectionist so writing posts took forrrrever. I also tend to compare myself to others when I'm under pressure... Not amazing traits for "putting yourself out there" on social media, lol.

So I found other ways to market and use social media to get new clients and started teaching those clients, and now I'd like to teach you!


The Aligned Marketing Course ($89)


How to talk about your offer.

Learning how to talk about your offer confidently not only creates your authority, it also makes you memorable. Whether you're talking about what you do on social media, in a conversation, or on a stage, speaking clearly about your offer is the first step of great marketing.


How to use your new resources.

Since each marketing personality has different ways you can market yourself, the course offers a deeper dive into how you can use each new resource. Social media is basically being taught one way, in this course we'll also look at more in depth ways you can use it based on your personality. You'll also have access to the other personality resources to see if there are any you'd like to try.


How to shift your mindset to abundance.

Our societal programming has given many of us negative beliefs around sales and marketing. The truth is new clients are everywhere and when you know where to spend your time and energy and how to talk about your business, the possibilities are endless!


Bonus 1

A guided meditation to help you see your greatness and experience your truest self.

Bonus 2

Journalling prompts to help you explore your gifts and connect with your intuition.

If you're ready to align your marketing with your unique personality, you're going to love The Aligned Marketing Course!