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Jillian Lawrence Speaker

I am a leader in business, a speaker, and an author. I spent 10 years working in sales and marketing in the corporate world and since 2016 have been the CEO of my own business.


I see many entrepreneurs and business professionals who are burnt out, frustrated, and feel disconnected from their true self. They use someone else's method, or try to mimic someone else's process and still don't feel like they're in alignment.

This is where I bring the gift of possibility. 


I love to inspire entrepreneurs to create big dreams and trust in their intuitive ability to guide them. Following what lights us up allows us to live in alignment. Unfortunately, there are many critics and people who misguide us along the way, creating distance between our true selves and the life we dream of.

My message includes encouragement to seek inspiration from within. It's time we stop looking for all the answers outside of ourselves, and trust that we know the way for our own journey.  I don't preach that people follow my way, I teach how to find their way.

Inspirational Speaker

My content is curated to inspire others to  embody their greatness. I've spoken at several workshops on relationship marketing and how to create a business you love. I've also shared about the power meditation and how clarity can help you create a unique business at Coverge, the annual International Coaches Federation Conference. Most recently I spoke on Narcissism in Leadership and claiming your inner authority at DisruptHR, a TedEx like forum for HR and business professionals (see video below). 

What People Are Saying

Sleep Sense

"Jillian Lawrence presented a webinar for our Sleep Sense Consultants on Mindful Marketing. The content was outstanding, with several tangible takeaways for our audience to apply directly to their businesses. Jillian was friendly, warm and very professional. She was well spoken, with a good speed to the presentation. I would highly recommend her for any Marketing event."

- Dana Obleman Owner, SleepSense

Kathy White Yoga

"Jill brings exceptional clarity, humour and enthusiasm to whatever topic she is speaking about, and her skill as a spontaneous speaker who can deliver a speech with no preparation is just a delight to watch.  And her audience engagement is tremendous. Jill is a great asset to our club and we are excited to see her take her speaking skills out into the world so other people can benefit from hearing what she has to say and the brilliant way in which she says it." - Kathy White, VP Membership Toastmasters

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