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What Exactly is Mindfulness in Marketing?

Marketing can be overwhelming and feel so forced, especially for introverts, when marketing can seem like such an extroverted thing. You may feel there is a push for you to put yourself out there and that you have to do things that you do not want to do.

There is also so much noise on social media about the "perfect recipe," to grow your business, and that there is "one true way to gain followers and grow sales". Often these individuals are ironically from other professions (e.g. coaches or photographers) and have found a way to scale their business, but to replicate their success you have to have an incredible amount in common with that individual. Especially vibrationally... And in your beliefs around your own worthiness and the money you are worthy of, your ability to be seen, and your level of influence. It is an astronomical list of things that would have to align with that individual for you to recreate their success.

When you are mindful in your marketing practices, you are actually leaning into what you feel when you are doing the marketing. "Am I pushing myself to the edge of my comfort zone, and I am about to break through and create something amazing?" or "Is this so uncomfortable and outside of my genuineness and authenticity that I am disrupting my alignment with my integrity and inner knowing?"

When you focus on being mindful in your business practices you will not need to necessarily be swayed and attracted to something that at the moment seems exciting, especially when people brag about the dollar amount that they have earned. Instead, take a moment and feel into whether it feels right for you and understand that marketing is trial and error. Allow yourself to try many marketing strategies without guilt and find what works and aligns with you. You are not locked into one way of marketing yourself, it is a dynamic process.

My Mindful Marketing Plan Suggestion

  1. Leverage those with who you already have established trust

Instead of selling to your friends and families, tell them about what you do and ask if they know of anyone who may be a good fit for you. Word of Mouth Marketing is incredibly powerful and is the fastest way to get clients immediately.

2. Use Social Media as Social Proof

If it fits, use social media or a website as a follow-up point for future and current clients to refer to. This is where they can get a sense of you and what you have to offer. This is a great way to further build trust in you and your offerings. Although, if social media feels like it is not an appropriate channel to market your business, listen to your inner self.

Social media may not be working for you and just stresses you out. If this is true for you it can be like trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole: it will not work and can result in something that may be an energy leak.

Mindful marketing is really looking at where you are spending your energy and are you getting the return that you want. Another component to that is determining what is the return that you are looking for? Are you looking to simply have a great time, regardless of whether you get customers? Great, it is serving its purpose regardless of the result. But if your goal is to gain new clients and increase income, and this is not happening and it feels like a time suck and energy leak... Then I can 100% with confidence say, there is another way to market yourself that will work for you and bring in your desired clients and income.

It is a balance of finding what you really enjoy working with that is giving you the results you desire. Remember you do not have to push yourself into the round hole of what someone else is saying you need to do. There are so many incredible ways of marketing you can choose to put your energy towards, it is a matter of trying them.

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