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3 Ways to Stay Grounded in Business

I remember watching a video from Marianne Williamson, who talked about what business was like for women in the 80's and 90's. Although it wasn't new news I was hearing, I gained a new appreciation for the women in business who came before me. I realized that although there are times when I notice the business world can still very much be a "man's world," we have come SO far in my lifetime alone.

When I first started my business, it was home-based, and I ran it out of the dining room. Shifting my laptop and papers off the table to make room for dinner and taking important phone calls in the car in the garage so I wouldn't be interrupted was my regular workday. I remember my daughter flying inside the back door, wailing after falling off the swing out back while I was on a Zoom call! Luckily my clients were also moms!

What helps us embrace the new business world, which is inclusive and spacious, is staying grounded in the present moment. It's easy to get caught in the "doing," "working hard," "gettin' 'er done" way of the old paradigm. But when we make presence a priority, we're reminded that using our energy to create balanced well-being can be WAY more powerful and productive than completing any to-do list.

Here are three ways you can stay grounded in the shifting world of business:

1. Let your body take the lead

When our mind is in the driver's seat, it only cares about getting shit done. Don't get me wrong, I love checking stuff off my to-do list. In fact, I actually write my list out on paper just so I can cross things off, it's so satisfying. BUT, if I'm working hard and forget to drink water, take a break, or stand up every once in a while, eventually, I burn out.

I choose now to listen to my body, and when she needs rest, I take a break. When she's hungry, I no longer say, "I just have to finish this one thing." She operates much more efficiently and happily by letting my body take the lead and actually listening to her queues!

I take more breaks and actually get more done!

2. Take deep breaths

When I'm feeling stressed for time or overwhelmed with a project, I breathe shallowly. So whenever I notice this unhelpful pattern, I take a few deep breaths. Deep breaths help ground us back into our bodies by relaxing the nervous system. You're basically telling your body, "everything is okay; I am safe."

Deep breaths can help relieve stress, decrease pain, improve immunity, and increase your energy, among other things. But my favorite thing about taking a deep breath or two is that it is grounding me back into my body and in the present moment.

A deep breath through your nose also helps to stimulate your Vagus Nerve, further stimulating calmness.

3. Incorporate nature

In today's world, many of us work online, meaning we spend the day in front of a screen. Yet, nature is naturally grounding, always emitting a calm vibration. If you can get outside, do it! If not, find a window or door and gaze out or up at the clouds. Allow your eyes to rest on something pleasant.

Appreciating the beauty of nature will allow you to appreciate the beauty in your day. Nature moves slow, never rushing to the next task. I've never seen a flower checking off its to-do list, so it doesn't fall behind the rest.

Grounding is always a great practice for life, not just in business. But in the business world, we entrepreneurs are known for pushing the limits of our bodies from time to time. So grounding can help make business less stressful and more peaceful!


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