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Hi There, I'm Jillian

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs define their impact and create a difference in the world.

... and I'm so excited you're here!

Mindful Marketing is the Modern Way of Doing Business

I believe marketing your business should feel good to you.

It shouldn't feel like you're pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, saying things that don't feel authentic to you, or acting in a way that isn't in alignment with your integrity. 

When you're mindful in your marketing practices, you're paying attention to the way it feels when you're advertising your business. Whether it's on social media, on a podcast, or in person, talking to your audience should feel good. You're providing value to better their lives, while gaining new clients to grow your business. 

I can help you create your dream business.

Great marketing isn't about how well you can sell, it's about how well you relate to people.

I am passionate about fostering positive social connection, which means creating an impact on other people's lives, while growing your business. I believe that great marketing creates trust with your audience so that you can easily share your offerings with them.

This starts with knowing who your audience is so that you can identify what their specific needs are. Then you'll be able to provide them with value and begin to build trust. 

Jillian Lawrence Niche and Manifest

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I'm a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and have practiced it for years, improving all areas of my life, from my business to my marriage. Now I'm passion about sharing my knowledge to help others define their dreams and start creating their own reality.

When I'm not busy creating my impact, I'm out kayaking, exploring nature, playing with my kids, or am buried in a self-development book.


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Mindful Marketing Begins with Asking Yourself

"How Can I Be of Service to Others"


Practice Inclusion 

Exemplify Grace

Express Gratitude

Seek Simplicity

Balanced Well-being


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