Jillian Lawrence

Hi There, I'm Jillian

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs define their impact and create a difference in the world.

Mindful Practices Produce Remarkable Results

The most successful brands serve before they sell, providing extraordinary value to their audience.

My mindful approach to marketing will help you define your audience and build a following of your dream clients who engage with your content, trust your brand, and are excited to purchase from you. 

I help leaders build their dream business.

Great marketing isn't about how well you can sell, it's about how well you relate to people.

I am passionate about fostering positive social connection to create an impact while increasing profit. I believe that great content marketing builds a KNOW, LIKE, TRUST relationship with your followers so that you can easily share your offerings with them.

I'll help you define your niche, create a clear offer, and learn how to market yourself both on and offline. 


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Practice Inclusion

I empower human connection by valuing and honouring all belief systems. I respect others by creating space for everyone to feel seen and heard. 


Exemplify Grace

I embrace my humanity and offer grace to myself and those around me. 


Express Gratitude 

I recognize every human is doing their best, on any given day. I constantly express my gratitude to those around me for showing up as their true, authentic self.


Seek Simplicity

I believe continual learning is both humbling and imperative for growth. I also believe it doesn't have to be complicated. Simple is better, in everything I do!


Balanced Well-being

I know that balanced well-being is fundamental to creating a fulfilling and thriving environment. I also understand that balance looks different for everyone and I support individual needs.

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I am obsessed with creating strategies to make life easier. My happy place is working with coaches and counsellors who are looking for help making their passion a reality by determining their vision + impact and creating a marketing plan to get that impact in front of more people!

I've grown from a solo operation at my dining room table, to a full-blown business inspiring other women to follow their dreams. !

When I'm not busy building my business and working with clients, I'm out kayaking, exploring nature, playing with my kids, or am buried in a self-development book.


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Mindful Marketing Begins with Asking Yourself

"How Can I Be of Service to Others"


Practice Inclusion 

Exemplify Grace

Express Gratitude

Seek Simplicity

Balanced Well-being

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