Jillian Lawrence

Hi, I'm Jillian

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs reach conscious consumers through mindful marketing practices

Mindful Practices Produce Remarkable Results

The most successful brands on social media serve before they sell, providing extraordinary value to their followers.

My mindful approach to marketing will help you build a following of your dream clients who engage with your content, trust your brand, and are excited to purchase from you. 

I help leaders build their dream business.

Great marketing isn't about how well you can sell, it's about how well you relate to people.

I am passionate about fostering positive social connection to create an impact while increasing profit. I believe that great content marketing builds a KNOW, LIKE, TRUST relationship with your followers so that you can easily share your offerings with them.

My 5 step strategy will help you build an engaged + profitable following, by eliminating the confusion and allowing you to clearly see how to use social media as a tool to build your business and reach your dream clients.

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I am obsessed with creating strategies to make life easier. My happy place is working with business owners to help make their passion a reality by determining their vision + impact, and how to use social marketing to make it come alive!

I've grown from a solo operation at my dining room table, to a social marketing agency with the most fabulous team I could ever ask for!

When I'm not busy building my business and working with clients, I'm out kayaking, exploring nature, playing with my kids, or am buried in a self-development book.


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Mindful Marketing Begins with Asking Yourself

"How Can I Be of Service to Others"


Human Connection

Customer Experience

Gratitude & Appreciation

Curiosity & Growth

Balanced Well-being