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Learn to Meditate

The wisdom required to create the life you've always dreamed of already exists inside you. Our culture has conditioned us to believe there is only one way to success (burn out) and there's only one version of success (loads of money). Meditation can help you access your inner wisdom to discover your own version of success and your unique path to experience it. 

I Can't Meditate...

The phrase I hear most often when I talk about meditation is, "I can't meditate". There are a variety of reasons people believe they can't meditate: "I can't think about nothing"; "my mind is too busy to quiet down"; "I'm too busy to fit it into my schedule"; "I get anxious when I meditate"; "I'm not good at it".

Everyone can learn how to meditate. It's not about thinking about nothing, it's about training your mind to think about less. There is no wrong way to do it. You can start with as little as one minute a day. It's called a practice for a reason.

Your Guide

Hey, I'm Jillian and I started meditating regularly in 2017.  Although I wasn't devoted to a daily practice back then, each time I meditated I noticed remarkable shifts in my energy. 

In 2022 I completed my Meditation Teacher Training with davidji, a world-renowned meditation teacher and former Dean of the Chopra Center. It was then that I committed to a daily practice because the results were just too powerful to ignore.

I hope to empower you with courage through these courses and meditations so that you too can discover what makes you unique and go out and share it with the world.

I've purposely made this program free so that it's accessible to everyone who wants to learn a simple way to meditate starting with just 1 minute a day. If my way of teaching meditation resonates with you, please share this course with the links below:


In this free 7 day series, you will receive one 5-8 minute audio file in your inbox each day. Each audio has a short lesson, followed by a 1-2 minute meditation.

Day 1: The Science Behind Meditation and How It Impacts Your Brain.

Day 2: What Are the Consequences of Not Meditating?

Day 3: Setting an Intention and Making Meditation a Habit

Day 4: Observing the Gap Between Who Are and Who You Want to Be

Day 5: Understanding the Monkey Mind and How You Can Control It

Day 6: Accessing Your Inner Knowing

Day 7: Now What? Creating a Practice and Measuring the Outcome

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