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  • Jillian Lawrence

What Does It Mean to Run a Heart-Centered Business?

I return to this question often, wondering if I am following the natural flow of my business or pushing it where I want it to go? A heart-centered business is just that - a business lead by your heart. What I find fascinating, is that your heart is different from mine, meaning yours will lead you to different places than mine is leading me.

Part of my purpose is to help others tune into their intuition so that they can be lead from their own heart instead of following what others are doing. You see, when you follow someone else's path because you saw it lead them somewhere awesome, you may find yourself surprised that it didn't lead you to the same place. That's because your heart wasn't leading you there, your head was.

Here are 3 ways to create a more heart-centered business

1. Be of service

Whether you're marketing your business, talking to a potential client, or working on a project, be of service to others. When you focus on the monetary gains you will get as a result of your task, you are shifting towards a self-serving mindset. Instead, keep your focus on the value you are providing others and make it your mission to exceed their expectations.

You will naturally raise your vibration when you focus on being of service. Allow yourself to be guided by your heart instead of your head.

2. Know your niche

Why is this important you might ask? Well, let’s get one thing straight: you cannot be everything to everyone. In a saturated market niching helps you speak a clear message to a defined audience, creating a magical space where you become their expert.

Creating a heart-centered business involves finding your target market and offering specific value to that market. An example of a general niche market may be entrepreneurs. A micro niche is an even smaller target market like service-based female entrepreneurs in Vancouver.

Take some time to explore who your target market is, and why you are drawn to working with them specifically. What do you have to offer them? How do their qualities match yours? If you start to feel frustrated always return to your why.

3. Connect with yourself to discover your purpose

To strengthen your connection to yourself, spend ten to twenty minutes each day quieting your mind in meditation (I prefer the morning shortly after I wake up so that I can set the mood for the day). Meditation is a great way to find clarity around your purpose and how it relates to your business.

Spoiler alert: It usually always relates to personal growth and service to others.

It's in quieting the mind that you hear (or feel) what your heart desires. Your mind is busy reminding you of other people's opinions and what you should be doing. Your heart is quietly and gently leading you on your own, very unique path.

Many female entrepreneurs lack confidence when it comes to promoting or marketing what they have to offer, whether they consider their business to be heart-centered or not. We all know self-promotion can be daunting, annoying, or even terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When you believe that your business is making the world a better place, you can connect with more individuals who benefit from your offer. This is your business, and you can feel confident in knowing that your expertise is going to help others.

So, what are you waiting for? A heart-centered business may not come easy, but the real test is to stay focused when things aren’t running smoothly. Remember that your purpose is far larger than your fear and the more you practice leading from your heart, the more life will surprise you.

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