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How to Use Your Imagination to Manifest

"Worry is a waste of the imagination." - Walt Disney

Your imagination is powerful tool that can help you envision what future situations could look like. You use your imagination to manifest every day, but most of the time you aren't using it consciously. For example, let's say you're running late in the morning and you begin to feel frantic, your mind will automatically start matching situations to the vibration of "frantic" - you still have to get the kids to school, traffic is going to be terrible on the way to the office, and it's going to be so embarrassing when you arrive to your first meeting flustered and late.

Your mind has hijacked your imagination!

If you carry the vibration of frantic into your day then your mind will continue to dominate your imagination and deliver you situations that match the feeling of frantic.

Here's where you can take charge by using your imagination to visualize higher vibration situations. For example, let's say you're running late in the morning and you begin to feel frantic, you notice the feeling and take charge of your imagination. You visualize no traffic on the way to school, you arrive right before the bell rings and then hit green lights all way to your meeting. Your client texts you to say they're running a few minutes late, so you grab a coffee, take a few deep breaths, and smile to yourself that there was nothing to worry about.

Now you're in a higher vibration feeling and the law of attraction will deliver you situations that match that. Note that in both examples nothing has actually happened yet, you've only been using your imagination consciously or not. Yet the thought of either situation can cause quite a variance in feelings. Read more on the Law of Attraction.

Here are 3 situations where you might try using your imagination to manifest positive experiences:

1. Right when you wake up

As soon as you wake up, smile and think of something you are grateful for. Think of all of the reasons why you are grateful for that particular thing. What does it provide for you? How does it make you feel?

2. When you start to feel overwhelmed/frantic

Notice what situations cause you to feel overwhelmed and write a new story with your imagination. For example, if you feel frantic when you're running late, use your imagination to create a new scene of how you want things to go. It's important to not let your mind hijack your imagination by replaying how things usually go. When creating how you want things to go, make sure you not only visualize them, but also notice how you want to feel when things go in your favor. Keep practicing you won't get it perfect right away, but the more you practice the better it will become.

3. When you are creating something new

This is my favorite place to use my imagination because it's like a blank slate with no past experiences to draw on. When I am creating something new, like a new offer in my business, I try to avoid thinking too hard about the details of how I'll do it; instead, I imagine what it feels like to achieve my goal. I include as many of my senses as possible in my visualization, expanding the capacity of my imagination.

Feelings are the language of the universe, they're what the law of attraction uses to deliver our desires. By taking control of your imagination, you can create your own reality with experiences that match your feelings.

What I love the most about using my imagination to manifest is that it reminds me of daydreaming when I was kid. I think that may be why I flunked math class in high school... Math was boring, it was so black and white with answers that were only wrong or right. But daydream was like living in a world of full spectrum color where anything is possible and you can't get it wrong.

So what are you going to daydream about today?

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