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Modern Marketing for Your Heart-Centered Business

What is Modern Marketing?

Modern marketing is different than traditional marketing because it is “being” based. Unlike traditional marketing which focuses on the “needs” of its target consumer and hammering into them that THEY NEED THIS PRODUCT, modern marketing is ontological and intuitive. It focuses on the feelings of the consumer, and the feelings of the business owner and bringing them onto the same page. When you feel good about the services you offer, when you believe in your business, that passion and confidence shine through, and your consumers and clients will become invested to learn more.

Passion is contagious, and when you love what you do and believe in your business, others will, too.

Take a moment and think about how you feel about what you offer. About your business. About the services you provide. What happens to your body? Do you get tingly with excitement? Is your mind racing in a million different directions with new concepts? Are you just itching to sit down and put those thoughts to paper so you can get cracking on your new idea? Harness that excitement and channel it into how you market your business. Focus on the feelings you have when you think about your business and how your dream has or is becoming a reality. Exude that confidence with everything you do as you take your brain-child, your service, your business out to the open hearts and eyes of the consumer.

If you build it, they will come. Okay, so I stole that line from Field of Dreams, but it’s true for a lot of things. Including modern marketing.

If you build that relationship with your consumers, the profits will come.

Be relationship-focused rather than profit-driven, and the loyal customers, the ones that tell their friends and family about you, will be worth their weight in gold.

Focus on the way that you are being in your marketing, so that your target consumer, the people in your niche market feel good and are receptive to your services and what you have to offer.

Build the relationship and make sure your approach is one that reaches them.

Here are a few tips on how to market for your heart-centered business and build long-lasting relationships with your clients and consumers.

Tip #1.) Know your niche! Know who your target audience is and focus on them. Are they moms? Are they stay-at-home moms? Are they moms with too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it? (Though really, that’s all of us, but you get what I’m saying). Focus on them. Figure out where they spend their time on social media, what they’re looking at, what they’re interested in and who they’re following. Be real. Don’t be fake. Be true to yourself, but also be true to the people you want as future clients. Speak clearly and directly to this audience. Appeal to them and personalize their experience with you in a way that they can relate to you, your service and your life.

Tip #2.) Feel good about how you’re marketing but don’t be afraid to diversify your approach. Focus on YOU feeling good about what/when/how you’re marketing. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re putting out, it will show. Focus on creating content that makes you and other people feel good. Spark joy. Bring smiles. Provoke thoughts and ask questions that stick with people throughout the day so that they’re coming back to your posts because they just HAVE to comment and want to read other's comments. Be memorable. You want your clients to be able to relate to you, so that they feel seen. Be real in your content. Be you. You are your brand, and you are selling you above all else.

Ask yourself this: How can you get in front of your niche audience and provide value to them over multiple platforms while still staying true to yourself, conveying your passion for your business, and also skirting the edge of your comfort zone?

If you’re not into Facebook groups, but you like talking on Clubhouse, then focus your energy there. Or do scheduled posts in your Facebook group that ask questions, then you can go in at your leisure and respond to the comments. Or create polls in your Facebook group. Get creative. Do you prefer Instagram stories to reels? Then focus on that. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but don’t be afraid to push yourself to the edge of that comfort zone. Then when you’re feeling good about your marketing strategy, maybe dip a toe over the edge and see how you feel. Do a Facebook live video, see how it goes. You might just surprise yourself.

Tip #3.) Share your why! Why did you start your business? What made you develop your service in the first place? How many sleepless nights did you have before you finally decided to make your dream a reality? Share your story, share your experience. It’s the most real and effective way to connect with your clients and consumers, since it not only relates to your niche and evokes that connection you want, but you also want them to feel your passion. And what better way to convey that passion than telling the story of how it all came to be?

My own story? I was running a daycare in my home and realized I couldn’t do it forever. But I still wanted a career that fits around my children’s schedules and into my life. Nine-to-five just wasn’t for me. I am also passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their business and feel good about their offers and their marketing strategies. I want to help other women make a difference in people’s lives, make a difference in their community, their family, and of course their own lives. I believe in relationship-based marketing and that connecting with people in a feeling-focused way is not only the way to a successful business, but it’s also the key to loving what you do!


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