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How to Build Your Business With Your Intuition

Our intuition is one of the most powerful tools we are born with. Still, it is often under-utilized in businesses because of the fear of being wrong or being called crazy! However, trusting your intuition to guide you will help you not only create your impact, but also help you create something truly unique and fulfilling.

As a thought leader, change-maker, and community member aiming to make an impact, it is imperative to find what makes you different from everyone else in your field.

By following your intuition and being you (showing up as your authentic self), you will attract people in alignment with you — it is those people you are meant to serve.

Let’s take a look at three ways to build your business with your intuition.

1. Don’t copy other people:

The foundation of a good business is originality. Other businesses are there as reference and inspiration but copying them prevents your business from standing out. Also, taking too much inspiration from other businesses may result in a Frankenstein business that is not clear about who they serve and what they offer.

Instead of seeking inspiration, observe what others are doing and see what resonates with you and what doesn’t. The problem with copying others is that people don’t get in touch with their own inner workings to know if it will work for them.

Be you. The value you have to offer is different from your colleagues and that’s okay.

When discovering posts, reels, and blogs that resonate, ask yourself: What about this do I like? Is there anything I can do differently than this person while using their ideas as inspiration?

2. Trust Your Intuitive Hits:

A key component to using intuition to build your business is trusting your intuitive hits. Trusting your instincts is scary, but it is also the best thing you can do to strengthen your intuition. When you doubt your intuition, you are dishonouring it and this can lead to situations where you wish you trusted yourself.

Your intuition is like a GPS guiding you to your destination. By trusting it, you can create something original that connects to the hearts of other people. But if you fail to listen you may end up on the backroads, completely lost.

3. Do not make decisions impulsively:

Take the time to process big opportunities before settling on a decision. Meditate over the idea to see what resonates with you. Sometimes, we choose an idea or opportunity because we are experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out); if you can notice you're making the decision from fear, that's the perfect time to choose to slow down the process.

FOMO occurs most frequently in groups where a majority makes the same decision. Understanding that FOMO uses fear-based marketing tactics to make you feel like you missed out on something if you do not purchase right away is key. A common sales technique that uses FOMO is “Buy now or you will pay double the amount later.”

In these instances, take the time to connect with your intuition through meditation. See if the thing resonates with you or if you got caught up in the excitement or energy of the moment.

Does following your intuition work?

These three fundamentals are how I used intuition to create my business. I found the more I trusted my intuition, the more unique my offerings became, and the more I found I attracted people who were excited about them—these are the people I absolutely love working with.

As you trust your intuition, you can expect your awareness to expand and your intuition to bring you really exciting gifts.

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