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Aligned Marketing Course

If you have a voice for change and are looking for places to share it, this course will help you get started aligning your message with your purpose and understand what tools will support you in sharing it! Start with my free quiz to discover your marketing style.

Here's what you'll learn about how to market your business and create your impact, depending on your  unique leadership style:

How to be memorable

When you have change you want to create learning how to talk confidently not only creates your authority, it also makes you memorable. Whether you're talking about what you do on social media, in a conversation, or on a stage, speaking clearly is the first step of being a great leader.



How to use your new resources

Since each leadership style uses different tools to share your voice, this course offers a deeper dive into how you can use each new resource. Social media is being taught one way and in this course we'll  look at more in depth ways you can use it to expand your reach. 


How to shift your mindset to abundance

Our collective programming has given many of us negative beliefs about sharing our voice and creating change. The truth is when you shift your mindset to abundance and believe there is enough for everyone, opportunities come your way and the possibilities are endless!


If you're ready to step into your authentic self and learn how to use your voice to not only create change, but also get new clients, grow your list, and create a following, this course is a great place to start.

Bonus 1

A guided meditation to help you see your greatness and experience your truest self.

Bonus 2

Journalling prompts to help you explore your gifts and connect with your intuition.


You don't have to do what everyone else is doing to create a successful business you love!

Discover your own unique way now...

  • Move away from limiting beliefs that there's only one way to get new clients

  • Stop trying so hard to make social media work

  • Learn how to leverage skills you already have 

  • Let go of the influencer mentality that more is better

If you feel like a leader or upcoming leader in business, but you struggle with getting your message "out there" and being heard through the piles of noise online, I can help.


I created this course after working with hundreds of entrepreneurs who all had amazing gifts and little to no understanding of how to market their offers. 

I discovered there are really only 4 different leadership styles when it comes to sharing your voice and that each of the 4 archetypes has unique ways that they prefer to deliver their message.

This course is designed to open your eyes to the world of marketing and show that there are infinite ways in which you can get your voice out there!

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