Mindset & Marketing

Get your business off the ground and thriving in just 4 months!

With Life Coach, Sheila Leclerc and Marketing Coach, Jillian Lawrence

When launching a business most people feel excited in the planning stages, but when it comes to creating  structure for actually getting clients they freeze. Understanding the modern marketing world can feel overwhelming, and confusing at best. Many solopreneurs feel alone trying to figure out how to get their business off the ground. This can lead to procrastination and the 'perfectionism freeze'. Having support and accountability can help you to continually move forward. 

An Invitation to Make a Big Impact in 2022

Thank you for considering this exciting new program. Together, we have worked with hundreds of leaders in business to increase their self confidence, self awareness, and business skills so that they can make a difference in our world.

You have a service that can change lives and we want to help you get it into the hands of the people who you can impact the greatest.

We want to help you easily attract your ideal clients without having to sift and sort through all the online noise. With the right skills and knowledge you can have a consistent flow of new clients. This is not a one size fits all structure, it's designed to help you create a personalized plan unique to you and your offer.

Is how it "should" be going getting in the way of how it's actually going?

Who is Mindset & Marketing For?

This unique opportunity for LIVE training to launch your thriving service-based business is designed for coaches and wellness focused solopreneurs.

What does wellness focused mean?

Well, we believe that there are massive shifts happening in consciousness at this very moment in time and it's a result of people being more focused on self awareness and well being.

Wellness focused solopreneurs are those sharing their gifts to better the lives of others. This includes, but is not limited to:


Personal Trainers

Cranioscaral Practitioners

Massage Therapists

Reiki Professionals and Energy Healers


Functional Medicine Practitioners


Yoga Teachers

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Here's What You'll Learn in Mindset & Marketing:

  • How to be confident in yourself and your offerings 

  • How to share about your business with ease 

  • Elevate your unique strengths and abilities

  • Position yourself to stand out from the crowd

  • Identify your target market and ideal client

  • Which online and offline marketing opportunities are best for you

Plus, You'll Walk Away With:

  • A business plan and 1 year strategy

  • Your business vision, mission and core values

  • A structure and clarity around your offer

  • A marketing plan with 6 months of content ideas

  • Personalized branding guide for consistent marketing

You'll recieve 16 LIVE sessions inside the Mindset & Marketing Program

This unique opportunity offers 12 structured training and coaching calls and 4 co-working calls to move your projects forward. Plus, accountability to reach your goals and community to support you along the way. All calls will be recorded in the event you can't attend LIVE.

The program runs from February 3, 2022 - May 19, 2022

All calls are from 11:30am - 12:30pm PST

Meet Your Mentors

Jillian Lawrence

Jillian is a Holistic Marketing Coach whose purpose is to bring JOY into our world. One of her favourite things is to share her knowledge and expertise with other entrepreneurs so that they too can create a thriving business doing what they love.


Sheila Leclerc

A Success and Confidence Coach, Sheila works with executives, business owners, parents and other leaders to believe in themselves and create their desired level of success. She is a Professional Certified Coach and has been at this dream job of hers since 2011. 

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It's Your Time to Thrive!

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