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Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

With sophisticated algorithm upgrades constantly happening, Google and other search engines are indexing your website regularly to categorize new content and adjust your ranking.

Adding a blog to your site can help your SEO score in more than one way: it can drive traffic there by providing relevant information, and it also boosts your SEO quality by giving Google more information (words) to index.

Your blog post must use a variety of keywords to help Google understand what it is you’re trying to market. Strategically placing relevant keywords throughout your blog helps make your website more visible to those searching those words.

It matters where your keywords are placed.

The best spot to place keywords is in your title tag, URL, introductory sentence and concluding paragraph. It’s important to remember to write like a human would speak or type into the search bar. For example, the question someone has might be “Should I add a blog to my website?” and the title of the blog you have for them is “How a blog helps your seo”. Clever, right?!

More users are searching for information on mobile devices so make sure your blog is mobile friendly, but making it short and sweet, and breaking up long paragraphs. Mobile internet searches exceed desktop computer searches so target this traffic and make your blog mobile accessible.

Share your blog! Asking your followers to share your blog post will also help your SEO, by increasing the traffic to your website. Share it through your fav social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Be careful not to share links in your Instagram post though, because they aren’t clickable. Instead direct traffic to your bio link.

Updating your blog regularly is a very important SEO tactic. Frequent posting shows Google you’re active on your site and have relevant information to share with the world. Each time Google indexes your site, the new information helps you climb towards the #1 spot!

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