• Jillian Lawrence

Linking Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Since Facebook owns Instagram you can actually link your two accounts! Why would you want to do that? Well, there are many reasons: Page admins can respond to comments on IG from FB; you can create ads for both platforms in one place; you can post to both accounts from one place.

Follow these straight forward steps to link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Page:

1. Log in to your Instagram Profile

· Make sure your Instagram Account is a business account. Switch by selecting Settings → Switch to Business Profile → Continue

2. Link to Facebook

· Select which Page you want linked by entering your Facebook login information Settings Account Linked Accounts Facebook

3. Verify

· To verify your accounts are linked go to your Facebook Page Settings → Instagram → Verify your IG account is listed

The biggest benefit to linking the two accounts is that you can create ads directly from the Facebook Ads Manager, which will appear on Instagram as well as Facebook.

You can synchronize emails and business contacts from Facebook to Instagram since both platforms integrate directly with each other.

You can also post directly to Facebook from Instagram (not the other way around), by creating a post and toggling the Facebook button below your caption before you hit post.

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