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How to set up a Facebook Ad account for your Page

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Most business owners are familiar with “boosted posts” for their Facebook account. This type of ad is basically paying to have a post that is already on your Page shown to broader audience and can be done right from your Page. While these boosts have benefit and are simple to use, you can make your money go way further by creating Facebook Ad Account for your business. Facebook Ads allows for larger targeting options, more placement, and better objectives. This requires a Business Manager account and is separate from the posts that are on your Page.

Before you can have an Ad Account, you will need to set up a Business Manager Account:

Set up Facebook Business Manager Account

The Facebook Business Manager Page is a tool designed to help businesses manage their Facebook Pages, ad accounts, and pixels in one place without sharing their login information.

To set up your Business Manager – go to business.facebook.com and create an account (you must already have a Facebook Business Page in order to create the account).

Once your account is created you need to add at least one Facebook Page:

· Go to Business Manager Settings

· On the left hand, click Accounts > Pages

· In the pages column, click + Add

· Select one of the following: Add a Page, Request Access to a Page, or Create a New Page

· You will most likely click Add a Page and then type in your Page name

Set up and Link Your Ad Account

· In the Business Manager Settings

· Click Accounts > Ad Accounts

· In the Ad Account column, click Add Account

Here you’ll choose Create a New Ad Account. Fill out all relevant information:

Choose My business and click create:

Select your name from the left column and give yourself Admin Access:

Click the Payment Methods link in the pop up:

· OR Go to Ad Account Settings > Payment Settings

· This is where you will add your payment method, set your account’s spending limit, see your next bill and edit your payment information in the future.

Note: You will be billed for your Ads at the end of every month or when you reach your billing threshold.

Setting up the account spending limit - In order to ensure you can budget your ads effectively, the account spending limit is the limit for total ad costs. This is a great limit to set when you have an agency running your ads for you, and to ensure when you are busy you are still on top of how much you are spending.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create your first Facebook Ad!

Ad Account Roles

You can grant other people access to your ad account business Page by clicking Assign Partners under BOTH the Ad Accounts tab AND the Pages tab:

And entering the Business ID of the account holder whom you wish to share access with:

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