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How to Get Your Business Online Now

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

There’s no denying it, the world has been shifting to online based business for quite some time. Some business owners deny it and avoid it, while others embrace it and thrive there. With the Corona virus outbreak, we’re now in a position where that curve is increasing very rapidly. The time to get online is now and if you’re already there, you’ll need to up your game because there will be an influx of businesses hopping on social media because of social distancing.

There’s a lot of potential in what you can do to market your business online, but social media marketing is much different than traditional marketing, so be prepared for a learning curve. If you don’t know how to get online here are some first steps.

1. Video Conferencing

If your business relies on in-person meetings (accountants, coaches, counsellors, marketers, lawyers, etc.) shift to video conferencing right now. There are plenty of great options including Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. If you need the calls to be encrypted, make sure you research which platform is best for you.

2. Social Media Marketing

As you create changes, you will need to let your clients and followers know how they can still do business with you. Use your social media accounts to share this information. Keep in mind that only 5-10% of your followers are seeing your posts, unless they are visiting your profile directly for information. It is perfectly okay to post your updates several times; try rewording them to break them into multiple posts.

Consider running ads or boosted posts to reach a new audience to share your news.

3. Email Marketing

Online marketing involves several avenues, not just social media. Email marketing is a great compliment to social media. Use your social media accounts to drive traffic to your email list. Let your followers know they can receive more value and updates via email if they sign up for your list. Considering offering a freebie in exchange for email addresses (aka a lead magnet).

Email open rates are much higher than social reach. Again, there are many online platforms available for email marketing. Mailchimp is a free option if you feel that you are comfortable with creating your templates and lists yourself. If not, I use Market2All, which is super user friendly and very cost effective.

4. Website

Make sure you update your website ASAP. Your clients will be looking for how they can do business with you from a distance and if you don’t let them know, they will find someone who will. Make sure it is clear on your homepage and service pages how you are adjusting your services to accommodate social distancing.

If your office is closed and you have no one answering phones, consider adding online booking that links to your video conferencing. Timely is a good option, but again, there are lots of them out there.

5. Government Subsidy

If you’re unable to transition your business online, the Canadian Government is offering subsidies to business owners to help our economy. Click here to learn more.

With millions of people online looking for updates during the COVID19 outbreak, it’s a good time to be visible on social media. People are craving community and a sense of belonging; they want to know we’re all in this together. Provide value to your followers by showing them you care, let them know that you are available for them.

Make sure you are consistently showing up for your followers, now is the time to be very present to your social media marketing efforts. Want to learn more about harnessing the power of social media marketing? Sign up for the waitlist for my e-course The Mindful Marketing Workshop, where you’ll learn how to create a social media strategy that is socially responsible.

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