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Blogs are Dead: Part 2

And we're back with another info-packed segment proving to you once and for all that the gossip at the virtual watercooler about the irrelevance of blogs is just that--gossip!

And if you've ever played "telephone" with your kids, you can understand that the more people or streams that information has to go through, the more it can get distorted, to the point where it's no longer recognizable, and also no longer true.

And that's the case here.


Say it with me out loud. Ready?

One ...

Two ...

Three ...


In Part 1 of our "Blogs are dead", we talked about how you don't own any of your content on social media; and how it's important to make sure your website and blog are up-to-date and drawing in the organic search engine searches.

Now, let's dive deeper into all of that.

If you're like me, you're a little bit overwhelmed by ALL the social media platforms and how much you have to do. Not to mention how many places you need to be to stay relevant each month.

"They" are now saying to remain visible on Instagram you need to switch to reels and post AT LEAST two reels a week. Then there's TikTok, and Twitter (people are still on Twitter right?) podcasts, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.... the list goes on forever.

If you're overwhelmed, I advise you to pick three social media platforms. Two you are comfortable with and one you'd like to learn. Make sure you start there but don't forget your website and blog! That's separate.

I'm going to give you three ways you can take that blog post that is alive and well and repurpose it to get yourself more visible and on more platforms without having to write new content each and every time.

Okay ...

Step one: write your killer content for your blog. Use all those fancy keywords that are going to get searched; including synonyms and long-tail keywords.

But don't hit publish! Not yet.

Now, go back through your blog post and pull out small excerpts that grab attention. You want to make sure they convey exactly what your post is about but in 100 words or less.

Go into Buffer or, Planoly, Later or Hootsuite or wherever you schedule your social media

posts and put in the excerpts. If your blog post is long enough, you could probably turn that one post into two to four Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest posts.

Research your hashtags, don't use the heavily saturated hashtags with numbers like 11.7K or 1.2m. Niche down.

Appeal to thirty-two-year-old, mother of two under two, Adelaide who is all about a chemical-free household and wants to know everything there is about making your own safe, but effective cleaning products.

Get specific.

Three or four really good, niched-down hashtags are all you need. Your keywords should also help guide your niche clients to you.

Schedule your posts. Spread them out over the week or two weeks, depending on how many you managed to make from your blog.

Remember how I said "they" are saying reels are the new way to stay relevant in the IG algorithm, well, how about turning that IG post into a reel?

Yeah, I'm serious. It's as simple as reading what is in the excerpt and saying it on camera. But make sure you add captions to your video. A staggering, but believable 85% of people read videos but don't listen to them, so you don't want people to scroll past your content because their volume is off and all they see are your lips moving. Then be sure to add that caption into the bottom portion as well, with a call to action telling the person watching that they can read more in your blog and that the link is in your bio. Then make sure the link really is in your bio by using something like Linktree.

And psst ... turn that reel into a TikTok video, too!

You're probably saying, "Okay, but that's only repurposing my blog ONE way. You said I could repurpose it a bunch of ways."

And you're right.

So, let's talk about how you can repurpose it another way.


I know, I know I JUST said that 85% of people are reading not listening, and that's 100% true in the case of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. They're on their phones probably listening to music, or podcasts while scrolling through social media. So the last thing they want is for their tunes or true-crime podcast to be interrupted by the jarring sound of somebody's toddler giving raspberries to the family's hairless sphynx cat. BUT, podcasts are HUGE right now. Literally, anybody can have a podcast and guarantee someone will find it and listen to it.

So why can't you be that anybody with a podcast?

Anchor by Spotify will let you turn your blog posts into a podcast. Yes, you read that correctly. Just read your blog posts out loud, record them and upload them. Easy peasy.

And here is a bonus repurpose: video record yourself doing the podcast and upload that to either IGTV or a Youtube channel. You're repurposing your repurpose. It's like taking a fleece sweater that is already recycled and repurposed plastic water bottles, cutting the arms off the sweater and turning those arms into tiny sweaters for hairless sphynx cats. Everybody wins. Including the chilly kitties!

And the third and final way you can repurpose your blog post is with your newsletter.

If your post is long enough, you can cut it up into chunks and send those chunks out in newsletters. OR you can repurpose your repurposed podcast video and upload that video into your newsletter.


I'm serious. The simple "I have a video for you" subject line in an email will get you an insane amount of opens and clicks. Because hardly anybody is including videos in their newsletters right now. Fellow Canadian and newsletter marketing, copy and content guru, Tarzan Kay sends weekly video newsletters to her followers and she swears by it. She also says nobody really does it yet, so if you started now you'd be a bit of a revolutionary.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're thinking this right now, "But if I put the same content everywhere people will notice and get upset that they're being hit from every side by the same thing over and over again."

The answer is, NO, but you have to do it strategically.

Followers/subscribers/listeners expect it. If an author has a book launch, you fully expect information and buy links about that book launch to FLOOD their social media, newsletters, website, blog, podcast and Youtube channel. Every post no matter where they make it will be about that book and only that book during a sale or release week. And why? Because they want as many eyes on their product as possible.

Not everybody follows you everywhere. Some people hate being a newsletter subscriber because their inbox just gets inundated to the point where they're spending half of their life deleting emails, so they prefer to follow who they want on social media. Others hit "follow" on blogs they like so they're immediately notified when a new blog post goes up. While other people are devoted listeners and get all their information via podcasts. Maybe they commute a lot and spend a lot of time in their car or on transit, so they have a lot of time to listen. Who knows?

But the fact of the matter is, do not assume that by repurposing that blog post that you're saturating and bombarding your audience with all the same information. You're not. Just because Felix subscribes to your newsletter and follows you on Instagram does not mean he opens your newsletter or gets your Instagram posts in his feed. But he is a devoted listener to your podcast, so the only way he's going to hear about your new product, service or course launch is by you jumping onto your podcast and reading the content of your blog.

So there you have it. Blogs are so far from the dead they're immortal. They are thriving, they're the cornerstone piece of content you need for your business. Blogs feed the rest of your content. Without a blog, you're left creating new content for each platform, and if you don't preserve that content on your evergreen blog, one day you might wake up and all your social media and followers have disappeared.

Now, go forth, write that epic blog post and repurpose!

Good luck!

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