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5 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing During Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Social distancing does not mean we stop being social. It means we take physical space from one another to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID19. We still need community, we still need human connection, and we definitely still need to help each other. Now is the time to contribute to your online presence and bring your community together.

Ironically, it’s togetherness that will get us through distancing.

Many of us will have to look at the services we offer and pivot how we offer them to meet the changing needs of society. Digital marketing is a huge asset to communicate how you will serve your customers during social distancing. Here are 5 ways you can serve your community through social media marketing:

1. Pivot to serve changing needs

Suddenly what we consider a “need” is changing. Think outside of the box on how you can offer different services to accommodate changing needs. Use your social media accounts to share what you are doing to be of service to your customers.

If you own a print press, perhaps you could offer to make online posters for people to share on their social media. If you are a plumber, perhaps you can focus on your emergency service and let your customers know how to get a hold of you 24/7.

2. Tell your customers how they can support you

Many, many people are posting about wanting to help local businesses. In the same breath, many of us don’t know how to support local businesses in a situation like this. Use your social media accounts to tell your audience how they can support you.

3. Ask your customer what they need right now

If you’re unsure of how you can pivot or what you need from your customers right now, use your social accounts to ask them.

If you’re a hairdresser, maybe they need tutorials on how to get their colour to last longer. If you’re a chiropractor, your followers may appreciate tips on how to manage their back pain until they can see you again.

4. Ask yourself “how can I be of service”?

You have valuable information in the form of ideas. It’s super important right now that we share our ideas. Your idea could help another business survive. Use your social accounts to share what you’re doing in your own business to get through this.

5. Share uplifting stories

We can get the news and the stats from just about anyone, be someone that offers peace instead. Share stories about businesses creating successes, share uplifting quotes and memes, share posts from other businesses looking for support.

You want people to follow you because you make them feel good. Sharing pictures of empty shelves, panic in hospitals and news of doom can cause people to associate negative feelings with your business. Stay positive on your socials by only sharing things that make people feel good and that inspire a sense of community.

Use this time to provide loads and loads of value to your followers. In some cases, you may not be able to pivot a ton, but you can still serve your community online. You can be there to provide value because when this is all over, people will remember who showed up. And remember, together, we’ve got this!

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