• Jillian Lawrence

5 Tips to Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Your Facebook Page

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

That’s right, your Facebook Page has its own Google ranking! Having quality content that is directed at your targeted group will help you become visible. How can you change your strategies to optimize your Facebook Page?

1. Create the best name for your Facebook Page:

Too many keywords in your name may harm your SEO rather help you. If your name sounds too spammy you run the risk of not been shared. Facebook wants proper names that represent your business and brands. Use an informative business name for your page and don’t change it, since changing it could cost you SEO points!

2. Select a Facebook username (ex: @jillianlawrenceinc.):

Facebook allows you to create a username at www.facebook.com/username which is an important way to increase your SEO. Facebook will allow you to create a custom and unique URL so don’t settle for a standard issue one.

Use specific keywords in your Facebook URL and in your Facebook file name; but don’t overload them with too many keywords. Remember: the first word within your title Google selects as the most important.

3. Create an Awesome 'About' Section:

This will be your ‘meta-description’, those few lines displayed under a website address on a Google listing. Make your first two lines really engaging so that the person searching wants to click on your listing for more information.

4. Write Informative and Engaging Text:

Your status updates could contribute to your SEO ranking, so be sure to include your keywords. Include a link to your website when appropriate, this will help your website SEO as well.

5. Optimize for Local Searches:

It is surprising that many businesses forget to include their contact information!

To increase your online visibility, make sure you include your business’ full address and phone number on your Facebook Page. Be sure to match the format that you have your contact listed on your website.

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