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5 Ways to Scale Your Business Without Facebook

Congrats, you're an entrepreneur! You may be thinking, "awesome, I'm running my own business, making my own hours, steering my own ship, but now it's up to ME to find people who want my services. But how? Where are these people?"

Facebook seems like the most obvious place to start, right? Billions of users, millions of groups, and a page that will send my content right to people who have hit that little blue thumb and liked me.

But Facebook has changed A LOT over the years, and it has become harder and harder for your posts to be seen - like 80% harder!

Let me explain... only a handful of years ago posts on a business page would reach about 85% of the people who followed that page. Now they reach about 5% of those same people. Just because someone liked your page doesn't necessarily mean they're seeing all your posts... unless you pay Facebook to show your post to more people, including YOUR OWN DANG AUDIENCE!

Maybe Facebook isn't the end all be all to getting your voice and your services out there, but what else is there? Most entrepreneurs feel like Facebook is the best place to get in front of the right people, but that's not always the case! With a little outside of the box thinking, you save yourself time and money, and grow your business.

Here are five NON-FACEBOOK ways you can try to leverage up your business and get your services and yourself in front of your ideal clients:

  1. Clubhouse.

Calling all iPhone lovers!! This one is for you (sorry, androidians, they're working on it). Clubhouse is a like a 24 hour virtual conference. So, no name tags or sticky handshakes. You can network and market from the comfort of your very own home and even in your pajamas if you want. It's currently by invite only, but with millions of users already, you're surely able to find someone you know who can prop the door open for you.

The other great thing about Clubhouse, is that you can create your own room. What are you an expert at? I'm hoping your answer is: My business! So open up a room, label it in a super catchy and exciting way and start talking about your expertise. This is also a great way to practice your "public" speaking. Win-win!

2. Podcasts

Just like a Las Vegas hotel buffet, when it comes to podcasts there is something for everyone. And I can guarantee that YOU are something for a lot of people; the trick is finding them. You can either start your own podcast and provide your expertise, invite like-minded people to guest speak, or complimentary services to come and chat, OR, you can reach out to existing podcasts that have listeners who are your ideal audience and pitch your value to them.

No matter what, we've always got to be selling ourselves and our services, so be sure to pitch yourself as the expert and let the podcasters know how valuable your knowledge and expertise would be to their listeners.

And don't forget that very important call to action. Whether it's your own podcast or someone else's ALWAYS direct them somewhere to get more from you. Have them follow you on social media, or sign up for your newsletter, or direct them to your website.

3. Instagram videos

People love meeting you on video! And now that Instagram has come out with so many new and exciting options for videos, now's the time to capitalize on them and leverage up your business in a fun and personal way.

When you do a video, as opposed to just a static post, people feel like you are more engaged, and in turn, they become more engaged! You're letting them hear your voice, see your facial expressions and get a feel for what working with you would be like. You're giving them a preview of what that star client one-on-one experience would be like.

You're also building trust and authority in your industry. You're showing them that you are the expert they need in their corner to help them thrive.

There are a few fun ways you can utilize Instagram videos and it might be a good idea to cruise around and see what others are doing, and which methods appeal to you. You can also invite other people into your videos and have a small panel or a back and forth conversation. This would be a fantastic strategy to implement with past or current satisfied clients. See if they'll join you and do a little live in-person testimonial.

4. Referral-based marketing | Companies that share your ideal client

This strategy is all about back-scratching - it's about helping each other out. Find another business that compliments yours. So for example, I would consider graphic designers or copywriters complimentary businesses to mine. Reach out to these businesses, tell them who you are and what you are an expert in, and most importantly: ask them how YOU can help THEM.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go in and immediately ask them to refer your business to their long-time, loyal clients. That is not how it works.

Start building trust before you ask for anything. You need to build a relationship with these other businesses. Maintain constant contact (not in a stalker way, just a once in a while way;), set up a once a month coffee date, or check-in via Zoom. Email them and touch base to learn more about what they offer and share what you offer. Help them FIRST in order to establish that trust, so they don't think that the only reason you even emailed them or stepped into their office was because you wanted their clients.

And when those referrals come in--because if you're honest and genuine they will--don't forget to send a thank you to whoever referred you. A card, a gift card, flowers, chocolates, a basket of mini muffins, you get the idea. Let them know that their referral is greatly appreciated, because mini muffins go a long way, am I right?!

5. Small-print magazines

Sure, a lot of us get our news on our phones now, but there are still thriving niche-specific magazines, newsletters and newspapers out there that have loyal subscribers and readers.

When you approach these small-print companies, always remember to go in and pitch yourself as the expert. Nobody knows more about your business than you do, and that's a fact.

You have value to offer their audience and they would be crazy to pass on what you're offering them.

Ask if they have paid ads, or feature ads. Perhaps, you could write an article on your services for one of their upcoming editions, or act as a guest editor. There is a lot of untouched opportunity here that could benefit your business greatly, you just need to find that niche-specific small-print and go in with your expert head held high.

Lastly, and this isn't a strategy it's more just a necessity to always keep in mind as you practice mindful and intuitive-based marketing...


Know you're audience. Know what podcasts they listen to, what Instagram accounts they follow, who their favorite Youtubers are.

Your time is precious. As women, mothers, wives, employees, employers etc. we are stretched incredibly thin. So do not waste your precious, valuable time trying to market to the wrong audience and reaching out to the wrong platforms.

Reach out on platforms and engage where your ideal audience is. Go where the right people are, where your soon-to-be clients hang out and engage, post and be your fabulous expert self.

Good luck!

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