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3 Easy Steps to Add an Administrator or Editor to Your Facebook Page

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Adding an admin or editor to manage your Facebook Page means you’re giving them access to view insights, edit posts, publish content, and assign page roles. Depending on which role you choose the person will have limited access to your Page.

Follow these 3 easy steps to add a person as your admin or editor:

1. Log into your Facebook Page

· You must already be administrator to make any changes

2. Go to the Settings option and click Page Roles on the left hand side.

· You can assign a new page role or edit an existing page role.

3. Select Assign a New Page Role.

· To view what each page role is and their assigned tasks click on the Editor box situated below their name and scroll through the selection.

· Add admin person either by name or by their email (which is associated to their Facebook account) in the field and click Add, then re-enter your password and submit.

· This new person will receive an invitation through their Facebook account.

· You can also edit or delete existing page roles from here.

Choosing an administrator for your Facebook Page shouldn’t be a quick decision nor do you want to give them the highest level of access. You must pick someone you trust with your business. It may be easier to give your login details instead of adding an administrator but keep in mind this person not only has access to your business page but also your personal accounts since they are linked!

If you are unsure about adding an admin to your Facebook Page, choosing an editor may be better suited to your needs.

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