This is not a done for you process. You need to know that right off the bat.

This is a partnership where we will pair our expertise and skill, with your knowledge of your industry and business to build you a sustainable digital marketing strategy that you can easily manage going forward. 

Together, we will discover the best journey for your dream clients to take in order to build a KNOW, LIKE, TRUST relationship with you and your business so that they become life long customers.

On average, your leads need 5-7 touch points with your business online before they decide to purchase from you. You should also know that on average your organic social media posts are reaching 5-10% of your followers. Relying on organic social media reach alone will drastically slow your efforts and impact your profitability!

It's through these touch points that you create trust and followers convert to purchasers. The amazing thing about a sale journey is that once someone purchases from you, they start all over as you continue to nurture them with your content.


Now, before you freak out and think this is too much to take on, you should know that every journey is different and they don't all necessarily require every step you see above. That's why we'll meet you where you're at and through our unique process, decide which journey is best for you and your business.

Your Vision

The first piece of creating the journey is discovering what your vision is. Together, we will map out the impact you want to create and what the end results of our time together will produce.

Your Dream Client

The next step is understanding exactly who your marketing to. This will help us to determine what journey is best to create and how to position your approach to attract the right audience.

Your Offer

We'll then dive deep into your offer, the thing that makes you money, and how to create your content to nurture your leads to trust you as the expert and join your journey to make a purchase!

Your Journey

Once we have these 3 things in place, we will create your journey. We'll help develop templates for your lead magnet(s) and social posts, as well help set up email marketing and other parts of the journey.


We wouldn't leave you before the launch! We'll test your entire journey and make the necessary updates to ensure it runs smoothly on (almost) auto-pilot for you. 

Social selling isn't just a post here and there.

Yes! This sounds perfect for my business!